Intoote is a joint venture between Gruppo Pragma Srl and Dialobot. Both companies have been working on virtual assistants and natural language technologies since 2009.

Our main products and research projects are:

  • 2009-2010: Coachbot (European research project)
  • 2010-2013: Lara (help desk / virtual assistant in Telecom Italia intranet (60.000 users) - Winner of the  "Innovation for Enterprise" Award in 2012 - PREMIO IMPRESE X INNOVAZIONE: Premio Nazionale dell'Innovazione istituito dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri su mandato della Presidenza della Repubblica -)
  • 2011: PuntoCartesiano (virtual assistant for Intellectual Property issues, Sardinia Region)
  • 2012: SINAPSI (Italian funded research projects)
  • 2012: VIS (Italian funded research)
  • 2013: Lactalis Italia (web and mobile conversational agent for sellers)
  • 2013: CLODIA (Italian funded research)



 Roberto Gilli: R&D manager

 Marco Tronconi: business developer

 Maria Rita Fiasco: sales manager

 Oriana Cok: project manager

 Ernesto Crocetti: technology manager

 Stefano Colluccia: funded research projects manager

 Valentina Musu: social media / knowledge base author

 Sabrina Mogliè: HR and administration

 Emanuela Zanleone: knowledge base author

 Daniela Giosan: Romania-centered projects