Is Intoote free?

The beta testing is free. In future we will request a (small) fee for commercial usage.


Can I see some examples?

Actually, our big commercial conversational agents are in Italian and they are living inside corporate intranets. The beta testing phase allow us to create conversational agents in different languages.


Which languages are available?

Up to now, we have optimized our engine for English, Italian and Romanian. But if you need a different language please ask us: we can easily manage, together, a new language.


Do you have a mobile app?

We have a prototype app (Android): the one that we used in the videos. If you want, we can send you the open source code. In few days we will publish a new, better, app in the Play Store. iOS and Windows (and Android too) can use the HTML5 interface.


Where can I find the API?

We offer the API to connect your app, service or game with the Intoote server: please contact us to have the API specifications.


Can I use Intoote only on the web?

An Intoote conversational agent can live also on the web as more traditional virtual assistants or chatbots: our technology allows you to easily create a great chatterbot using only natural language.


Is your technology mature?

In Italy we are selling our technology to big companies as seller assistant in food industry and insurance sectors.


What does "panloquacity" mean?

Panloquacity means that everything (pan-) can talk.




Please contact us if you have other questions.