We are an innovative start-up, born in November 2012 in Trieste. The two founders are Pragma Group and Dialobot who decided to put join their experience and expertise to create a new generation of conversational agents.

We started from an idea of usability. To build something useful that would be able to simplify human relationship with technologies.

This is the direction we took: building systems able to dialogue in a natural language, able to understand the questions, give the right answer, understand the needs of the user, a system that works instantly and directly that makes the access to information and digital services in a easier way.

We decided to create Intoote in Trieste, because this city has always been involved with innovation, knowledge, research and development.

But Intoote is also in Rome.

It was born as a consortium to be open for partnerships with other companies interested in the development of the market where the concept of the Conversational Agents and the concept of user assistance in natural language are opening the way for a new industry standard, as reported by Gartner.