Gruppo Pragma and Dialobot had being working together for over five years in the field of applications and systems based on NLP - Natural Language Processing. The collaboration started in the field of the research and European innovation, through the Coachbot project, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme- Leonardo da Vinci.
Within this project a pilot application was created, that was advanced and innovative: a virtual tutor for the e-learning area: CLARA. CLARA is able to understand the natural language and to react and give individualized help to the users, by supporting them during the learning path. After CLARA, the collaboration has continued creating LARA, a Conversational Agent developed to provide assistance to those users who use devices, workplace applications and office automation services (end-user computing)

LARA works as SaaS and it is able to give information on demand, to support as a “self-help” and directing the user to find a self-solution of the problems. Also it can collect the reports for a more effective addressing to the second level of assistance, as well as monitor the requests and proactively contact the users in certain deadlines or in relation to specific reports.
The LARA project has been awarded in 2012 with the innovation ICMT Award (Information Communication Media Technology) promoted by Confindustria Sistemi Innovativi e Tecnologici, as a best practice in the category of “IT-Driven” innovation.