In November 2012 the platform Intoote® CA was created, as a system able to dialogue with the user in a natural language in the areas of specific knowledge. Thanks to the Intoote platform it is possible to generate applications able to improve concretely the usability and user experience of the digital services.

Also it is possible to ease the access to the business knowledge kept in database, increase the knowledge base thanks to the interactions with the user, record and incorporate the informal knowledge generated by the interactions and conversations. The first conversational agent created using the Intoote platform is PINA, as a result of the research and development project, that was made through the co-funding POR FESR (2007-2013) of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. PINA answers to the questions related to the public administration (Linea Amica): it has a knowledge base of about 200 topics, it also has an emotional personality and it will be soon able to act proactively to the user’s requests.

With Intoote software it is possible to organize the knowledge of entire sectors or businesses and to make this knowledge easily accessible so that such knowledge can be easily managed on demand and with the simplicity of the natural language.

Thanks to internal fundings and national as well as European research projects, Intoote is further developing the platofmr introducing platform more and more applications and functions. Our goal is to continue to innovate and improve constantly: which is why our current release is Beta 1.0. Beta because we believe in listening and exchanging ideas with our customers and users, and it will be through them that our platform will improve.