In the immediate future, our developments are focusing on two main aspects: the creation of collaborative and social knowledge bases and more and more integration between Intoote software and social and informal creation of knowledge.

The social creation of the knowledge is a key point of the Intoote platform: our solution in the field of the Conversational Agents is different from any other offered on the market, because the authoring of the knowledge can be directly made by subject matter experts without need to ask for external, specialized technical help.

In our immediate future there will be new functions and algorithms in order to improve this aspect and to enable social and collective intelligence in our development system for conversational agents.

Our second track of development is linked to the dealing with informal knowledge as the basis for applications that will solve effectively problems of user assistance of the customers (internal or external business users) We believe in connectivism and we are developing systems that enhance "the outsourcing of knowledge": it is useless to write (and dedicate) manuals or procedures or follow generic training. What is needed, in ourera characterized by speed and change, is to find the information needed (and only those) when the user needs them and where he/she needs them.

He developing of Intoote is moving on also in other dimensions: the creation of systems integrated on mobiles and new algorithms of research and clustering of the information and skills .