The Intoote® software platform is an advanced systems, based on natural language processing to develop conversation agents. It has been specifically designed to create knowledge bases made of questions and answers; the system is also able to support the user in a proactive way. The distinctive and original feature of the Intoote platform is to enable experts to create, manage and develop knowledge bases in a quick and way, using knowledge coming from different sources.

The Intoote platform consists of three elements, that are integrated among them:

Le componenti del sistema

Intoote® Knowledge Engine (IKE)
Intoote® Knowledge Generator (IKG)
Intoote® Knowledge Manager (IKM)
IKE is a core of algorithms that allow linguistic recognition of concepts and sentences, retrieving and matching the best answer. IKE is the heart of the system, it allows the user to dialogue through natural language with the full knowledge base. The user isn't forced to surf websites to search information, but he/she can easily find the information that he/she is looking for, simply by asking a question. The Intoote IKE has been developed by putting together a wide range of scientific metholodogies and extensive experience and best practices on field.
The Intoote software platform peculiarity is in the way it creates and manages the Knowledge Base: The Intoote Knowledge Generator (IKG). It consist of a web-based back office and of a series of algorithms and methodologies that allow to improve the knowledge of the conversational agent with simple steps, eased by an user friendly interface. The design and implementation of the IKG are focused on the idea that the Knowledge Base has to be directly managed by users and subject matter experts that know the contents, without need to engage computational linguistics experts. The use of IKG is easier than managing a blog.
IKM provides advanced monitoring and reporting tools, that are very easy and simple to use. The monitoring and reporting tools allow to analyze the interactions with the users, enhancing the listening function of the system. The opportunity of recording and “listenting” to the users has a huge potential, not only because in this way it is possible to evaluate quantitative aspects and performances but also, and especially, because it represents an extremely powerful channel for the analysis of users’ needs. The Intoote KM offers, besides the traditional management system provided by social media applications, a detailed system of Knowledge Performance Indicator (KPI).
Regarding the Community Analysis, the Intoote KM system allows to monitor the activities of the authors both in quantitative and qualitative terms. Such data can be used also for motivational purposes according to the most recent gamification theories.