intoote it!
(we are in closed beta)


to intoote (verb, transitive):

1) to make an object or a place able to talk, to give loquacity to  inanimate things, creatures or places;

2) to participate in the panloquacity project;


Examples of "intoote":

- Yesterday I intooted my dog!
- The students are intooting the relevant places of the town.
- The company plans to intoote its main products in order to talk with customers.
- To scan a QR code of an intooted object is fun!
- The Panloquacity (anything can talk) project wants to intoote the world.


Intoote is a framework to create conversational agents that both live on the web and in the real world. Some Intoote's features are:

- an innovative way to give/receive information by Q&A in natural language (voice or text)
- website, mobile, wearable technologies, IoT: one agent to rule them all
- no coding needed to create the agent
- collaborative and social creation of the knowledge base
- open API and sources to create your conversational apps or services
- the conversational agent talks in your own language


We are in closed beta!
Do you want to create a conversational agent for an object, website, tourist-site, toy, book, digital games or other?
Do you want to create conversational agents that entertain, inform, teach, help?
Anything and anyplace can talk!

Register and participate in the panloquacity project!


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