The Virtual Assistants are applications that answer to the questions like a chat: they are perfect to have instant information and to orientate oneself in websites and complicated menus. The Virtual Assistants that are usually present on websites are not interactive or not made to answer to questions made in natural language. Conversational Agents represent a substantial difference, both for mobile communication or websites. They are used as: Help Desk or user support in a website; as Virtual tutor in training courses and in any other situationS where the user needs to know something quickly or needs real help.

Conversational Agents are very useful also in corporate applications. They are different from normal indexing systems or document management and search, which analyze and index documents to make them available for the users through the web surfing or the research through key words: Conversational Agents guide in the solution of a problem or directly give the information requested. The Intoote software platform represents a significant advance in the field of Conversational Agents: no more mere "provider of audio through humanoid avatars" but smart tools available to answer specific questions posed by the natural language.

The Intoote platform is a system of design and implementation of formal and informal knowledge, it is open to every device, and it is oriented to fields of knowledge  that can  be developed in a social, collaborative and dynamic way.